Monday, January 28, 2008

Attention Brides!

Hello Brides!

I don't usually "plug" people but I think this cause is quite deserving. One of my good friends and fellow wedding planners Samantha Goldberg does a weekly talk/web radio show on the Wedding Podcast Network (see details below). So I'm making this entry to discuss what I think is a great topic (controversial) but still worthy of conversation. I so often hear from my clients stories of "less than wonderful" bridesmaids and they frequently ask for advice on how to mediate or in some cases, get rid of the problem! Yes, it happens...and it's such a sticky subject. Bridesmaids are chosen to be there to help brides manage their wedding planning process...especially the emotional aspects. And unfortunately there are times when a bridesmaid just doesn't pull her weight. While I'm not personally commenting on the topic in this blog,...I do believe many brides wish to talk about it and hear advice on the topic from a professional..someone who deals with the issue every day. I will however direct my devoted readers to a site/forum in which you can express your thoughts, or just listen quietly and anonymously.

So if you're interested in commiserating with other brides in your same situation, or you just want to "lurk" and hear the goods, pls call in this Wed night to Samantha's live talk show on the Wedding Podcast Network. I also hear another controversial topic will be on the agenda..."Engagement was called off. What to do with the ring!" Enjoy the podcast!

All the best,

Here are the details...

Live Call In Show On 1-30-08 at 9pm Eastern Time

Join Samantha Goldberg Live Tonight!
Please join me and my good friend Robert founder of the Wedding Podcast Network tonight and every other Wednesday at 9pm for FREE bridal advice! That is 9pm Eastern time.
This weeks subject has 2 agendas...One is The guy who cheats and expects his ring back and How do we ask a bridesmaid to step down from the wedding party cause she is making you crazy!
The number is:(724) 444-7444 The show ID is 56410 and the show id is your home telephone number...
Here is the link to go directly to the website!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Holiday fun with our girls!

It's been a while since our last post, but we want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jenny and the whole crew at PBW are so excited to get the new year underway!

On January 7th, Pampered Bride Weddings held it's belated Holiday Party (those darn sleet storms pushed our original date back) at the Garlic Rose in Cranford, NJ. Lisa Placiniak from A Touch of Elegance and Josh Lynn of Josh Lynn Photography joined us for the festivities. We had such a wonderful time c
atching up, exchanging gifts and experimenting with the blue sangria!

At the conclusion of our evening, Josh brought out the camera and did a mini-photoshoot of all of us together. That was an say the least! We all had our headshots done for our new website (coming soon--it's going to be amazing!) and took some fun and silly shots with Jenny. We were jumping, running, dodging traffic, and doing conga lines! Just take a look at us...we had a blast! Thanks so much Josh--you rock!

PBW is ready to go!!

Here's to a wonderful 2008!!