Friday, April 18, 2008

Weddings and Style...What the hell were they thinking???

For years I have been taking pictures at weddings. I (and I'm a bit embarassed to admit) have focused my snapshot hobby on casually documenting innapropriate and downright unbelievable wedding attire! Someday I will publish a book and it will have an entire chapter dedicated to the phenomemon that I like to call "good lord...did they LOOK in the mirror before leaving the house?" But for now, I have decided to take a very diplomatic and less harsh approach and incorporate the opinions and guidance of a good friend and style guru...Miss Gina Lamorte of
I'm by no means a label whore...I know the good stuff, know what's in fashion..but tend to have a very casual style. I dress up when necessary but on any given day you're likely to see me in jeans and a cute top. I will splurge occasionally on a designer piece...but I definitely do not try emulate the styles I see in magazines. I do however, know what is right and what is wrong. And more specifically, I am a stickler when it comes to wedding fashion. A wedding, no matter what the design, color scheme, season, a sacred and serious affair. That does not mean gowns and tuxes are always required...but it does imply that common sense, decency and plain old fashioned discretion, should be used when choosing attire for a wedding.

I recently worked an event and the ceremony was in a church. One of the readers came dressed in what I considered to be a major fashion "don't." I think you'll agree from the picture (and please finish eating before looking) that this woman was blessed with a voluptuous bosom. More power to you girl! But I'm sure the invitation read "and guest" and not "and guests."

I sent the above pic to my style doctor friend Gina and asked for her style advice. I knew that no matter what she said, my opinion would not change. These bad boys need to be contained!!!! But here is exactly what Gina told me...

"Yikes! To be honest, that much cleavage is never appropriate, in or out of church. Let's just say a wrap would have worked nicely in this situation. Ladies, whomever participates in your wedding, no matter what the capacity, please know it is completely appropriate to suggest attire and that includes what I like to call "styling details", which in this case would go something like this " Be sure that all necklines run no lower than 2 inches below your collarbone.Thank you." Then smile and walk away. - Gina"

Gina...thanks for the advice!!!! And to all the ladies out there contemplating what outfit to don at the next wedding you're attending, PLEASE remember that the day is about the bride...and not about you...OR your cleavage.
Much love,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Celtic Pride, with a really fun groom and his bride!

PBW had the great pleasure of being a part of Katie and Anthony's wedding on Saturday, March 29th. The ceremony took place at the Allaire State Chapel at Allaire State Park. Touches of Celtic pride were a constant theme for the spring day in NJ all began with a simple celtic trinity knot on the invites. It carried into the actual wedding day as well, with a bagpiper playing outside and a lovely, heartwarming ceremony inside the quaint chapel.

Katie and Anthony are a very festive couple and their excitement of getting married was contagious...Jenny, Melissa, and Adhari couldn't wait to see what they had up their sleeves for the reception (we knew some of it--but we just wanted to actually SEE IT!). The couple and their bridal party were then off to the Eagle Ridge Golf Club in Lakewood for some pictures and their reception. The room looked fabulous...great linens, wonderful flowers, and extra special custom stationery made their vision complete.

Check out some pics from the day!

Now, on to the PARTY...everyone had a blast, including us! Katie and Anthony savored every moment of their reception and broke out some surprises along the way. Anthony is a DJ and took over the turntables for a few songs! Katie did not want to be left she tackled the headphones while Anthony did his thing! Anthony is also an avid golfer and Katie had a couple of tricks up her, correction, DRESS! A golf magazine, a golf ball...and a driver! Of course, Jenny was there to help all that get into place!

Special thanks to the staff at Eagle Ridge for being so helpful that day! Very special kudos and thanks to Chris and Suzanne at CLB Photography for the rockin' pics, and our girl Kristin at Kreative Creations for the wonderful celtic themed stationery! And, of course, Jenny's team (Melissa and Adhari) know you rock!

Congratulations to the new couple!! We really had a great time!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Bride, a Groom and Lots of Cowboy Boots!

We do destination weddings but only on a case by case basis. If we're going to travel thousands of miles, we want to make sure it's for the right couple. And this past weekend, we lucked out!

I recently returned from a trip to Mesquite, TX. The young, engergetic and uber sweet couple Samantha and James, tied the knot on April 12th at the Double D Ranch in Mesquite, TX (about 30 mins outside downtown Dallas). I had a blast! I've never met so many fun and downright courteous people before. Plus they were so appreciative for the work I had done for them. That always puts a smile on a planner's face. Plus, I was totally digging all the chivalry that exudes from real Southern gentleman! I must have been called "Mam" about 100 times...and I have to admit I ate it up!

I've been to TX before, but never as an adult with a rental car, a GPS system and an itinerary 5 pages long. I explored and loved every inch of land and culture I saw. I even ventured into a Super Walmart that's open 24 hours!!!! NJ really needs one of those.... like yesterday! I ate REAL b-b-q, learned proper cowboy hat ettiquete and how to 2-step on the dance floor. And in between all of my touring and cultural devouring, I managed to help a wonderful couple pull of the wedding of their dreams! I highly recommend visiting TX. But be prepared to eat alot, dance alot and be "yes mam'd" to death!

Special thanks to Sadie at Stardust Photography...great pics..we especially like the one above! Yee Haw!

Congrats to Samantha and James! Ya'll are simply fabulous!

Jenny and the PBW Team

Monday, April 7, 2008



Just a reminder that Jenny will, once again, be featured on another episode of "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" tomorrow night at 10 PM. BUT WAIT, there is a nice little twist to this one...Jenny has a partner in the planning--none other than Ms. Samantha Goldberg of Gold Events! Jenny and Sam teamed up for Tobi and Petros's nuptuals and there are sure to be lots of fun and laughs. They are total opposites...but they just know how to WORK IT OUT! We can't wait for it!


Friday, April 4, 2008

Diner Dish

So last night I had dinner at the diner with two good friends...Chris and Suzanne Lobue...they own and operate CLB Photography. Fabulous husband/wife photography team! We had to get together and catch up because lord knows now that wedding season is upon us, and the chances of us getting together anytime soon to hang out, are close to zero! PBW has a featured wedding in the next NJ Knot Magazine (Janine and Dave)...and CLB shot the wedding...what amazing pics! While at the diner I had the pleasure of meeting one of my Whose Wedding is it Anyway fans...(that's always fun!) So I have to make a shout out to was great meeting you last night! Thanks for the kind glad you enjoy the show!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 26th Wedding Planner Course - Space is available!

Hello budding planners. Just a reminder that it's not too late to sign up for the CAES wedding planning seminar scheduled for April 26th. Due to scheduling conflicts, we have two additional slots open! We'd love for you to come and participate. Please see the PBW homepage for details on how to register or just email for info. Thanks!