Thursday, August 26, 2010

All About Me!

Jenny Orsini
"Ten things you definitely didn't know about me!"
1. I've taken guitar, piano and clarinet lessons but can't play a single instrument to save my life.
2. I had a school girl crush on the same boy from 1979 to 1988 (and NO!... he never found out!)
3. I hate food crumbs and obsessively wipe them off any surface I'm near.
4. I'm insanely jealous of women who can wear high heels for long periods of time.
5. I've seen George Michael in concert more times than I care to admit.
6. I was a state champion baton twirler.
7. I won my first singing competition at the age of six.
8. I was once chased by a cow on a farm in Ireland.
9. I'm an only child
10. I hate cilantro and love anything with peanut butt

Time to Meet Jen!

Jennifer Gonzales
"Ten things you didn't know about me"
1. I could live off of diet coke from a fountain and candy, preferably M&M peanuts or sourpatch watermelons.
2. I believe that I was an elephant in my past life.
3. N'Sync is and will always be my favorite band. At any concert I went to of theirs, I cried because I was breathing the same air as them. I planned my wedding to JC when I was 12.
4. I have two places that make me the happiest: Belmar and Giants Stadium.
5. I drive a Jeep Sahara that I named Stella and I'm obsessed with her.
6. Pink is my favorite color. Pink things make me happy but you will never catch me wearing anything pink.
7. I'm afraid of escalators.
8. I HATE wearing pants. I would wear a dress over pants anyday, even if it was below zero and I was freezing.
9. I can't sleep without a stuffed animal.
10. I was a cheerleader for almost my whole life and I miss it more and more everyday.

Let's Meet Aimee!

Aimee Mangan
"Ten things you didn't know about me"
1. I'm an only child.
2. If I could wear pink in some form or fashion every day, I totally would.
3. I have a four year old pug named Piglet and am now obsessed with all things pug-related.
4. I used to be a New York City bartender for three years - first at Webster Hall, and then at the China Club.
5. I LOVE skiing-my father put me on skis when I was four years old and I've never looked back!
6. I could eat Chinese and/or Mexican food every single day.
7. I majored in Criminal Justice in college, but ended up being a meeting/wedding planner - go figure!
8. When someone calls me "anal" I actually take it as a compliment - especially when planning!
9. My favorite TV show is So You Think You Can Dance - I'm literally glued to the couch whenever it is on.
10. I'm a terribly picky eater - but if it's blue, I'll eat it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get to know Erika!

Erika Coriano

"10 Fun Facts about Me.."

1. I absolutely hate grapefruit more than any other food in the whole world, it's what I imagine poison tastes like!
2. When I was little I wanted to be a frog or a fashion designer when I grew up.

3. Although I have curly hair you will never ever see me wearing it down and curly, ever.
4. I love vanilla anything and everything, candles, ice cream, lipgloss you name it.
5. I was named after Susan Lucci's character on All My Children, "Erica Kane", I was supposed to be a Dana.
6. I love live music and will go to a concert no matter how much the ticket is, even if it means selling the clothes off my back to get there.
7. I have mastered the art of cracking crab legs.
8. When driving in the car you will notice that I have channeled my inner "Beyonce" and I'm putting on a production for any other cars around to enjoy!
9. At a wedding I never mention that Melissa is my sister until 20 minutes has passed and someone from the wedding party says " two look so much alike..are you sisters?" this also has rendered me to answer to "Melissa" as well.
10. I've watched the movie Billy Madison so much that I can recite almost every line.

More Birthday Fun...Time to Meet Melissa!

Melissa Loiacono
"10 Things You May Not Know About Me..."

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with designer sunglasses..and handbags..and shoes.
2. Unlike my collegue Angela, I LOVE pickles..preferably half-sours (the bright green ones).
3. Since having my son, I've become incredibly sensitive during mother/son dances at weddings. I sobbed at my first wedding back from maternity joke.
4. My birthday is on St. Patrick's Day...I'm 100% Puerto Rican..people find this really amusing.
5. I don't drink coffee-never got into it..though I occasionally grab a frapuccino type drink because it's frosty. :)
6. I loved being was such an amazing experience!
7. I could live on the Baked Brie from Mayfair Farms, the Mushroom Risotto from Nanina's and the Lobster Cognac from the Venetian...I dream of these treats regularly!
8. I played the trumpet in junior high...yes, the trumpet.
9. I'm a bit neurotic about how food is placed on my plate-everything must have its own spot before any mixing takes place. I'm a joy to watch at Thanksgiving.
10. I love old school house and freestyle music.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Meet Adhari!

Adhari Fullman
" Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me"
1. I am a co-founder of my sorority's National Step Team.
2. As much as I have an obsession with buying shoes, I hate to wear shoes and I'd rather be barefoot. But if I see a red sole I go nuts!
3. My all time favorite cocktail hour food is colossal shrimp scampi.
4. I had an accident in Jamaica on a jet ski and am now horrified of them.
5. Anything peacock rocks my socks.
6. I love watching Indie films.
7. I used to be a really great gymnast until I failed math and my mom removed me from gymnastics.
8. I want to buy a house and have it built from the ground up (just not in NJ).
9. My aspiration in college was to have my own talk show and to live in NYC.
10. I'm getting married in 11 months.

Birthday Celebration...Getting to Know Angela!

Angela Lenzi
"10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me"
1. I couldn't live without my DVR.
2. I lived in Spain for 6 months.
3. I learned to speak English at the age of four.
4. I hate pickles.
5. I love cookbooks - love reading the recipes and many times do not make a single recipe!
6. I sing along to music on the radio in my car and usually have the lyrics all wrong.
7. I love fois gras and order it whenever I see it on the menu.
8. I absolutely loved being pregnant with my daughter.
9. I love to oil paint in my free time (although free time is tough to come by lately).
10. I love doing makeup on myself and other people.

Birthday Celebration!! Getting to Know the PBW Team...REALLY well!

So as you all know PBW turns 5 later this month! I've been racking my brain to come up with some fun and clever ways to celebrate our birthday. Yes, of course we will have a party. And yes, we will definitely offer some amazing specials on our services. But I also wanted to do something extra unique to honor my fabulous team of wedding divas. Over the years, PBW has employed some uber talented designers, coordinators and office professionals. What I'm most proud of is how so many ladies have stayed with me for so long! I'm truly blessed to have such an awesome group of girls behind me, helping me make PBW successful. So...what better way to show my gratitude than to share with you, our readers, some really interesting stuff about each team member. Over the next few days I'll be doing blogs about my PBW ladies. I've asked them to give me 10 interesting facts about themselves that even I (as their boss and friend) did not know. The details are coming in every day and I'm loving what I'm learning! So let's get started!!!

Ten things you should know about Monique Morales! (as written by Monique herself!)

1. I love the cartoon Phineas and Ferb and often find myself actually laughing out loud to it.

2. I went from living in Newark, DE to Newark, NJ (college).
3. I eat peanut butter by the spoonful.
4. I love being asked if I got a manicure after doing my nails myself.
5. I have an uncontrollable obsession with cupcakes and cookies.
6. I love intense action war movies. Horror flicks scare me, yet I can't seem to get enough of Ghost Hunters or any reality ghost story related program.
7. I once dove off a cliff in Dominican Republic.
8. Singing at the top of my lungs while driving (alone) is therapeutic for me.
9. Two of my past Halloween costumes included Kat Von Dee and a pregnant J.LO.
10. My favorite food at weddings is scallops (preferably wrapped in bacon) ..just ask any member of PBW.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Congratulations to Deb & Wendy!

PBW was honored to work with Deb & Wendy on their July 17th wedding. Aimee was on hand to help the nervous brides enjoy their day, and to ensure everything went flawlessly.

The brides were surrounded by family and friends; many of whom remarked that their ceremony was one of the most beautiful and touching they had ever seen. After their ceremony in Glen Rock, NJ, the wedding headed over to Seasons Caterers in Washington Twp, NJ to continue the celebration.

The beautiful, warm and sunny weather was perfect for their afternoon wedding!

Being huge facebook fans, the brides (with Aimee's help!) changed their status to "married" as they were enjoying the reception. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a lavish four-course meal and danced the afternoon away.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday PBW!!!

It's hard to believe, but Pampered Bride Weddings will be celebrating its 5th anniversary later this month. Where have the years gone??? I was reflecting the other day (as I attempted to organize old file boxes) and so many amazing memories came flooding back. We've planned and coordinated hundreds and hundreds of events and worked with so many beautiful brides. I'm so proud of what we've done over these past five years and have so many people to thank. The brides, the vendors, my hardworking team!!! I have such gratitude for everyone who helped make PBW a success.

In honor of this big birthday, PBW will be offering some fabulous specials! We're working on them right stay tuned for details!

Again, thank you for making the last five years some of the best of my life. It's been a pleasure and an honor to have worked with all of you!!!!

Here's to the next five years!!!!!!


Celeste Studios - New Fabulous Blog!

We have been working with Janice and Mike of Celeste Studios for a few years now. Their videography is breathtaking! Do you remember that amazing video we shared from that beautiful and lavish March wedding at the Venetian? That's Celeste Studios!!! I'm always so amazed at how well they capture and document any event they cover. They recently updated/redesigned their blog and it's awesome! You can check it out at

Friday, August 13, 2010

Beautiful Images...Aditi and Mick's Wedding

Aditi and Mick's Wedding Celebration on July 3rd was a beautiful display of tradition, family bonds, and lasting love. We are excited to share some of the fantastic images of the day...captured by the talented Radhika Chalasani of Radhika Photography. It was a wonderful day...and we thank Aditi and Mick for allowing us to be a part of such a colorful event!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

PBW Partied It Up in Perfect Pink Style!

Last night we had a girls night out and headed over to The Pink Comb Salon in Nutley for a perfectly pink party in honor of the salon's 2nd anniversary! Owner and beauty guru Michelle Loconte (along with her talented staff) hosted an absolutely fabulous party! We ran into so many clients and vendors and had a blast catching up. I've known and worked with Michelle for over five years now. I am so proud of her success and am honored to call her not only a reliable vendor, but a close friend too! Way to go're an inspiration and a true class act! Thanks for having us last night.
P.S. Josh Lynn ( was there with his amazing new custom flipbook service. It was so much fun! I highly recommend you check it out!!!! go to and ask about it!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Episode of WWIIA Aired!

On Saturday my newest episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyway? aired! I shared the screen with L.A. based planner Kevin Covey and we battled it out in a bride vs. groom format. Even with all the competitions, the bride and groom did ultimately have a fabulous wedding and were very happy in the end. I heard the show was hysterical (I haven't actually watched it yet...but hope to very soon! I did hear that I shall we say??? PLUMPER when we I'm hesitant to even watch it! LOL.) I received some great feedback/emails and wanted to thank everyone for watching! Here are some pics from the shoot/wedding day that I couldn't post until now. Enjoy!
special thanks to Touch of Elegance, Table Wraps and Josh Lynn for their contributions!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The KNOT New York - PBW Wedding to be Featured!

We just got the news that the wedding of Shannon and Chris will be featured in next Spring's edition of The Knot NY magazine! Special thanks to all the fabulous vendors who helped make the wedding so beautiful! And a special shout out to Rebecca and Charlie of for the gorgeous pics! We will let you know when the issue is about to hit newstands.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Episode of WWIIA Airing this Saturday!!!!

Be sure to tune into the Style Network this Saturday night at 9pm EST to catch a new episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyway? This episode features Kevin Covey and I as we battle it out to plan the perfect wedding for our couple, Jen and Tony. Did our bride win enough challenges and get the traditional, elegant and romantic wedding she had been dreaming of for years??? Or did the groom win all of battles and get his Asian inspired red and gold reception??? You'll just have to watch to find out!