Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I Love Wedding Season

Spring has sprung! The temperature is starting to rise, the birds chirp early in the morning, the town teens are hanging out again in my local 7-11 parking lot...and our weekends are no longer our own! These are just a few of my annual signs that wedding season has officially begun. If you asked me two years ago when wedding season started and finished, I would have said June to September. Now, however, my response is drastically different...and I consider wedding season to be March through November. We have weddings every month...but in that particular timeframe we are slammed! I'm not complaining...I actually love it! My husband and dog, however, would probably have a less than jovial reaction when asked what their thoughts on wedding season were :)
But I'm a die hard wedding fanatic. I pretty much adore everything that is wedding related. And while I get to think about weddings all year long, it's not until wedding season officially starts that I get truly inspired and overcome with warm fuzzy feelings. To this end, I thought I'd do a top ten reasons list of why I love wedding season! So here it goes! (and these are in no particular order)
1. Visiting the bride on the morning of her wedding day and having the pleasure of doing a Dunkin Donuts run b/c the maid of honor forgot to get coffee and bagels for everyone! Most people would hate this chore...but I welcome any opportunity to buy myself a giant iced latte with skim milk and Splenda!

2. Being one of the first to see the bride in her wedding dress! LOVE that!

3. Seeing a man/groom nervous and asking me for pepto bismal...I am not happy a man is feeling nautious...I simply adore seeing a man in need and breaking down and asking a woman for help! The vulnerable man is such a sight to see..and it makes my heart melt every time.

4. Knowing that almost every person in that reception room knows I'm there and has a sense of relief because in the event they need a band aid, blow drier, tylenol, allergy medicine or feminine products...I will come to the rescue. It gives us a slight sense of power and importance...and who doesn't like that?

5. Getting the opportunity to join the party on the dance floor at 10 pm when our work is pretty much over. It reminds me of when I was a young party girl and heard my favorite George Lamond or Judy Torres song come on in the club! Yes, I was a clubbing girl back in the early 90's. Now however, me and the girls cant help but get our groove on when anything by Timbaland comes on! (p.s. this is one of the ways in which I stay youthful)

6. Watching extremely drunk wedding guests TRY to dance and look sexy. This never gets old!

7. Taking pictures of innapropriately dressed wedding guests. I do this...I admit it. I have an arsenal of photos taken over the years...and I will publish them one day in my tell all book. But dont worry, faces will be blurred out to protect the innocent :)

8. Starting to cry EVERY time a bride dances with her father. I'm such a mush, I know it. But that is my very favorite part of a wedding. I think the day I don't cry is the day I will quit the business.

9. Driving home (very late) on a Saturday night reflecting on the day's event and listening to 95.5 on the radio as they play "Saturday Night 80's." I open my windows, I blast the radio and I totally jam out to my faves...Toni Basil, Bon Jovi, Heart, Duran Duran, Culture name it! It's not only fun, but I think there's a therapeutic value to it as well.

10. Pulling into my driveway at midnight, walking into my house with tons of bags, and being greeted by my dog and my husband. I love weddings...but I love my family more!

Here's to a fabulous wedding season!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol and Wedding Planning Consultations..Yes, there is a connection!

Ok, so, we all know about American Idol. Some of us (not mentioning, cough...Melissa...cough..) watch it religiously. Well I'm not a religious AI fanatic, but I do know who gets the boot every week. I think that's ok, right? I do watch on occasion though. Plus, being a former wedding is a nice hour to reminisce about the days of singing many of those songs at weddings and various social functions.

So a few weeks ago I had a consultation with a prospective client. The meeting went well! They subsequently hired us and we're excited for the wedding! But I remember it was a Wednesday night...and the meeting was going smoothly, everyone was asking questions, telling jokes and sharing funny stories. It was one of those moments a planner has when they say to themselves "I really like this family...I think the feeling's mutual. Cool beans." So at around 8:50pm...I noticed something very odd started to occur...everyone in the room (except for myself of course) started looking at the clock, their watch, their blackberry, etc. I was thinking to myself..."Oh NO, I'm losing them...they're bored with me...what am I doing wrong? Am I babbling? Am I acting like an idiot?" These are all the things that go through a planner's mind when something that feels so right, suddenly feels so wrong! Then, by a stroke of pure chance ...I mentioned something about a wedding related tv show....and everyone's eyes lit up! I mean it was like the Vegas strip!!! I made a reference to TELEVISION on a Wednesday at 8:55 and I FINALLY got it!!!!! Duh!!!!

It was great. They loved me. But they loved American Idol more!!!!

So, that was my cue...close the meeting, close the sale. Get the hell out of their house..because if these American Idol fanatics had to miss one minute of Ryan Seacrest's opening monologue, I would be dead meat! If a client does not hire me b/c of personality or finances, etc., I understand that. I can live with that. I'm OK with that fact. But if I dont get a job b/c of Ryan Seacrest...I may as well just hang up my clipboard and say adios to the wedding planning world!

So to all my AI fans (both clients, friends, and family)...I totally respect your love of AI. And to all my prospective clients who are AI fans...I vow to NEVER cause you to miss your show. I will never invite you over on a Tues or Wed evening. It is my duty to make the world a happy filled with happy brides and happy American Idol fans.

Jenny :-)

p.s. David Archuleta is my fave!

p.p.s This goes for all you Dancing with the Stars fans too...(cough...Melissa)

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Wedding that was "Shore" to please...

Pampered Bride Weddings congratulates Tanya and Robert on their recent wedding on March 14, 2008. Jenny and Melissa ventured south for the nuptuals, and made an overnight pit stop (the night before) in Atlantic City for some down time-with the slot machines. It was fun, and believe it or not, quite relaxing--especially because they were winning!

On wedding day, Tanya was cool as a cucumber when Jenny and Melissa arrived at her mom's house in Manahawkin. Some normal jitters, but wow, it almost threw us off at how collected she was! Wonderful bridesmaids, and a fabulous family helped all keep calm. Robert was dapper in his tux, as were all the groomsmen.

And then it all the bridal party made it down the aisle and were anxiously awaiting the all hit her, and the tears began to flow. A couple of deep breaths and calming words later...Tanya was down that aisle and marrying her prince charming!

The new Mr. and Mrs. were then off to Sea Oaks Golf Club to celebrate their day in style, along with over 100 guests. The reception room was beautiful and the centerpieces were out of this world!

The fabulous color palatte of chocolate brown and lime green wowed all the guests, and really wowed the bride and groom! Sprinklings of sea shells and starfish accents on the table cards reminded all that we were, indeed, at the shore and ready for fun!

Check out these fabulous pics of the decor and fantastic cake!

Special thanks go out to Jasmine Photography for the photo and video that day, and Mulberry Market for the absolutely gorgeous decor and innovative bouquets for the bridesmaids--they actually weren't bouquets-they were lime and chocolate brown..divine!!
Many thanks also to the staff at Sea Oaks--you guys are great, thanks for all the golf carts! The bridal party had a great time in them during their pics!

Congratulations to you Tanya and Robert--we had a wonderful time and are so happy to have been a part of your magical day!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Having your cake.... and eating it too!

This entry is dedicated to what I consider to be a major food group...and that is WEDDING CAKE!

Every week we see more and more over the top and amazingly fabulous wedding cakes. Brides spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on an item that disappears in a few hours! It's quite crazy if you think about it... but I'm not bashing it...I'm LOVING it! Back in the day, brides got a cake for dessert and that was its only purpose. I recommend you look at your parents wedding album and check out their wedding cake. It was special to doubt, but aesthically, it does NOT compare to today's wedding cake designs and standards.

Wedding cake for dessert???? That is SO not the case anymore! Brides are commissioning pastry artists to design a wedding cake that is an extension of their personality and wedding design. Whether you're a buttercream girl, or fondant diva...I say go for it! If the budget is there...then have your dream cake! You deserve it! So I would like to dedicate this entry to the ever popular and always evolving Wedding Cake!

Here are some of the most memorable cakes we've seen over the years at our clients' events! I think you'll agree that cake design is an art and that after you finish reading this will:

1. remember your fabulous wedding cake

2. get inspired to start designing your dream cake

3. have the overwhelming urge to hit your local bakery and buy some yummy cake to devour today!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Are YOU wearing GREEN?

Hello and HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY to you all!

PBW has been shockingly overwhelmed with inquiries and positive feedback after our AMAZING episode of Whose Wedding. Thanks so much for all the kudos!

Updates are some fun pics of our latest wedding to post soon!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tonight's the night!

We have our Tivo's and DVR's you?!!

Watch Jenny and the PBW team at Heather and Wari's AMAZING wedding at the Palace at Somerset TONIGHT at 10PM on Style! We've heard rumblings from early risers (the show aired this morning at 6am) that it came out FANTASTIC!

We can't wait---we are all gathering at Jenny's tonight to celebrate and watch! Can you tell we are psyched?!!
Have a great day everyone!
xoxo, Jenny and the PBW team

Monday, March 10, 2008

A farm, a wedding and "Holy F-balls!" Kathy Griffin!

Saturday, March 8th was a very INTERESTING day for Jenny and the crew of PBW. Elka and Brian were the couple...a couple with lots of personality, a flair for the non-traditional, and they are die hard Kathy Griffin fans! They made a simple request for her to marry them...and it came true! Kathy went and got ordained online with the Universal Life church and flew in from Los Angeles to make it official for the couple.

At the Queens Farm Museum, Kathy performed a 10-minute service that ranged from telling raunchy jokes to having the bride recite the reception menu! Yes, a little out of the norm...but there were tons of laughs all around! Our good friend and collegue, Samantha Goldberg, was the lead on this project and asked Jenny to join her for all the planning and logistics. Jenny was more than happy to join in...not just because she loves weddings, but because Jenny is a HUGE Kathy Griffin fan! A crew was most certainly needed and we want to thank our girls Melissa,Adhari, Marissa, Erika and Ashley for being on hand for all the moving, arranging..and comic relief!

Kathy was really happy to be there and was happy to take pics with guests. In true PBW fashion...we had to have a few! Umm...did we mention that Jenny was a fan? Here are some pics! It was really cool for all of us to meet Kathy--very down to earth and really fun!

It was certainly a crazy day full of press agencies, film crews (from Kathy's show "My Life on the D-List" on Bravo) and general pre-wedding chaos...but through it all everyone really went above and beyond!

The episode featuring Elka and Brian's wedding will probably air in June on Bravo...more pics to come!

And a reminder for you all to watch Jenny (and Sam too!) TOMORROW night on Whose Wedding is it Anyway? at 10PM on Style!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Next Tuesday....WATCH!

Just a reminder, our new episode of Whose Wedding is it Anyway will be airing next Tuesday, March 11th at 10 PM on the Style Network! We will be sharing this episode with our friend and fellow planner, Samantha Goldberg-- so we are excited!

Heather and Wari's wedding was very special and we are excited for you all to see Jenny and her crew rocking it out!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tiffany and Stephen's Wedding..filled with love, elegance, and Cowboys!

March 1, 2008 was a wonderful day for Pampered Bride Weddings. After a year of planning meetings and many phone calls, Tiffany and Stephen were married in a lovely ceremony at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, NY. Our couple have been planning for well over a year...well, Tiffany was for sure, while Stephen was busy playing defense for the Dallas Cowboys. We had been so excited to be a part of this day...their love for one another was infectious, and their families and bridal party were absolutely wonderful! We just knew the day would be very Jenny said, we had a "warm fuzzy" feeling!

After the ceremony, we all headed to Leonard's in Great Neck, NY for the reception. With over 300 guests attending from all over the country, you can imagine the many, many details to tend to.. and we'd like to thank the staff at Leonards for being so accomodating, especially Drew. Tiffany and Stephen were floored when they saw their lavish reception room...the centerpieces, lighting, all the special touches...and their cake--hello bling! Everything looked absolutely amazing! We can't help but share a couple of the pics with you all.
There are so many people who took part in the success of this event. Everyone was on point that day and we would like to take the time to thank them for their hard work.
Thanks to Vito and his crew from Jasmine Photography for taking wonderful pics and doing video! Jah-Pan for the steel drum band, Music Mixed Intelligently for the all night entertainment, World of Illumination for lighting, for the Photo Booth and Flower Michele for the amazing reception decor! A special Thank You to Tameka, wedding coordinator for Abyssinian Baptist are fabulous!

With Stephen being a Dallas Cowboy, there were bound to be some NFL players attending...we were happy to be there to meet all of them! And yes, we admit, we were slightly starstruck--but all were so nice! Thanks for the many pics! Here is one pic of us with (from left to right) Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher, and Chris Canty of the Cowboys.

Of course the entire day would not have run smoothly without our fabulous PBW crew for the day. Jenny would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Melissa, Adhari and Monique for their assistance throughout the day! Mission Accomplished, Ladies! Although the day was long, Jenny and crew definitely had their fair share of FUN at the was hard not to throw themselves in the celebration!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Stephen was an honor to be a part of your very special day!