Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is there a word for BEYOND fabulous?! Kim and Jared's Wedding

We know, we know, you have just been DYING to see pics from our weddings this past Memorial Day weekend...haven't you?! For us, it's been worth the wait to see these AMAZING images from CLB Photography from the wedding of Kim and Jared.

Kim and Jared are a fabulous couple from the Jersey shore. They hired PBW with a not only wow their guests, but to completely BLOW THEM AWAY! And believe me, that is just what they did!

On Saturday, May 24th, Kim and Jared were married in a beautiful ceremony at ST. James Church in Red Bank, NJ. They had been waiting a LONG time for this day!

As Kim and Jared enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of fun pics with the bridal party, Jenny, Lisa Plociniak (with the amazingly talented crew from A Touch of Elegance), and our PBW crew started the pre-reception set up at Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club in Farmingdale. A set up that included custom linens in a vibrant palette of gold, fuschia and burnt orange...everything was made to order...from the overlays and chivari chair backs, to the fabulous napkin treatments.

The centerpieces literally made our crew gasp...constructed from scratch on site; gold branches with hanging votive holders in different shades, hanging crystals and wonderful balls of fuschia flowers embedded within.

And that's not all...the design included a magnificent Moroccan themed lounge, with custom drapery, pillows and furnishings! Enhancing the entire room was strategic lighting in shades of amber. The whole crew worked tirelessly to ensure all was completed to perfection!

The pics speak for themselves..special thanks to CLB for capturing every little detail!

Of course, with such an elaborate and exquisite set up...the bride and groom had to have the first peek. We stood aside and just waited for the reaction. As soon as they opened their eyes...jaws dropped, a couple of excited shrieks ...followed by repeated uses of the phrase "OH MY GOD!!". That was EXACTLY what we were aiming for! Jared was speechless...Kim was in awe--truly PRICELESS!

Even more Priceless were the guests faces as they entered the reception we stood in the corner extremely proud of a job well done!

We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to the entire staff of a Touch of Elegance for helping us take this concept from paper sketches to a wonderful reality! Thanks to Linen Stock for the custom linens that made the guests shake their heads in amazement. The entire staff from Eagle Oaks...appreciate the patience and wonderful service! Rob Adams of Rob Adams Productions for being available to us for video--thank you!

And of course, to Melissa, Ariel, Kristin and Demetra for all your hard work throughout the day!

This wedding was spectacular in all aspects and Jenny and crew were so honored to have been a part of it!


For all of our readers: Stay tuned for more weddings from our triple header on Memorial Day weekend!