Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We LOVE our interns!

For the last four months we've had two amazing interns working in the PBW office. Erika and Georgia, both students of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, have been invaluable over the past season and we want to extend a huge THANK YOU to them for all their help and support. They have both brought such a wonderful sense of style and ingenuity to our business and we could not have done all we did without them. While Erika has one more semester ahead of her, Georgia recently graduated and I had to take a few moments to congratulate her on this amazing achievement! She plans to pursue fashion marketing full time but she will also continue to be part of the PBW team on her days off! Erika will also remain on board as an assistant wedding coordinator. I feel so lucky to have such cool ladies on my team!

Hats off to these fabulously talented fashionista divas!

Georgia at graduation

Erika and her sister (our very own Melissa Loiacono)