Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding and Event Planning 101 - Another Great Session

Yesterday's WEP 101 class was, in a word...fantastic!!!

I want to thank everyone who attended. These students (Sandi, Bridgett, Rose, Jamie, Aelicia and Alicia) were top notch and definitely have futures in the event planning world! I can't wait to have them intern at PBW!

A big thank you to Lisa from Touch of Elegance ( and Chris and Suzanne from CLB Photography (http://www.clbphoto/) for being such informative and entertaining guest speakers. You guys, as usual, rocked the house!

Our next session will be in January, so if you're interested, just shoot me an email...

Thanks again to everyone! Here's hoping I'm NOT sucking cough drops and taking Dayquil all day next time! LOL