Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blame it on March Madness???

Please, please, please accept our apologies for the lack of blogging lately. The last few weeks have been busy ones! I think we can officially say PBW has experienced MARCH MADNESS! From this day forward we promise to NEVER again let 5 days go without blogging...I don't care how busy we are. If you take the time to click and read, I can take the time to type and post! Fair deal??? LOL

Things are moving quickly at PBW! Lots of updates to report. We're currently scouting for the perfect location for this year's KNOT vendor appreciation party. We have a few great locations in mind and should have the winning location chosen by April. We're booking new and fabulous clients left and right! I'm really excited about our latest batch of brides. Their "dream weddings" are out of the box and will afford us alot of creative license! (Event designers love that!!!!) We are almost done setting up and decorating our 2nd office location in Shrewsbury. We would've been done sooner but Melissa and I stared at and contemplated paint chips for 3 weeks! Next to choosing your child's pediatrician and pre-school, choosing office paint color is the THE toughest decision you will ever make!!! LOL.

And while I can't spill the beans quite yet, I can assure you that we will definitely have some great news to report in the next few weeks. But for now, let's focus on the present! Today is a special day because one of our fabulous brides, Adrienne, will walk down the aisle! And then next week is finally the big day for Christen, another fabulous bride with whom we've been working for almost two years!!! So first off, congratulations to these beautiful brides!

The sun is shining, deliveries were received, all vendors are's the beginning of a perfect wedding weekend in the crazy life of an event planner! This is the March Madness I actually enjoy!!!! I promise to report back with details about today's big beautiful wedding! Right now however, I have to start getting ready for Adrienne's big day. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!