Monday, February 18, 2008

Are you ready for some more Jenny?!

Another successful episode wrapped!

PBW just wrapped another episode of "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" on Saturday. Tobi and Petros were married at the Madison Hotel in Convent Station. Their love story and wedding planning experience is quite addition to the normal stresses associated with getting married, the couple is also undergoing fertility treatments. Amazingly, the bride was not a hormonal nightmare! She was actually a pleasure! It was such a fun experience to say the least.

Samantha Goldberg of Gold Events and Jenny partnered on this event and were basically given the green light by the bride and groom to design and orchestrate their wedding! The couple literally had no idea what Sam and Jenny had up their sleeves! They just trusted them..and we love that!!!! The bride told us she liked purples, plums and cranberries so Jenny and Sam just ran with it! We used some of our favorite vendors (thank you Josh, Kristin, Cindy, and Jay) and a big thanks to Fred at the Madison. Everyone did such an awesome job!

The couple was so happy..they were actually crying when Jenny and Samantha revealed the reception room to them. That is the best feeling a wedding planner can ever hope for! Mission accomplished!

Here is a pic of the couple with Jenny and Sam...I would say they are pretty happy!

Check out for air dates...but we think it will be in late March or early April.