Thursday, February 7, 2008

TRASH THE DRESS-Are you for Real?!!

So we've recently been bombarded with requests from our clients asking about this "trash the dress" service being offered by photographers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this's quite simple. The idea is for a bride to don her gorgeous gown after her wedding (days, weeks, months...your choice) and go to the streets (or any location that's less than sterile and pristine) and have a professional photographer there snapping shots of the bride as she rolls around in dirt, grass, city streets, the ocean etc. Yes, it sounds pretty darned awful...but the process is apparently quite refreshing and liberating (just what I heard...can't speak for myself.) Personally, I would not do it for two reasons 1. after over 4 years of marital bliss there's no way I could even squeeze into my wedding gown (ugh..that's a whole other blog!) and 2. I really liked my dress.

So if you're considering taking the plunge and jumping on the "trash the dress" bandwagon...and you really loved your $8500 Reem Acra gown...I have three words of advice.... BUY ANOTHER DRESS! Because if your photographer is talented...he or she will most likely have you covered in ketchup and mustard on the streets of New York! (see the link below of CLB Photography's "trash the dress" photo shoot) Totally divine...but dirty as hell!

Happy Planning!

Love, Jenny