Friday, April 18, 2008

Weddings and Style...What the hell were they thinking???

For years I have been taking pictures at weddings. I (and I'm a bit embarassed to admit) have focused my snapshot hobby on casually documenting innapropriate and downright unbelievable wedding attire! Someday I will publish a book and it will have an entire chapter dedicated to the phenomemon that I like to call "good lord...did they LOOK in the mirror before leaving the house?" But for now, I have decided to take a very diplomatic and less harsh approach and incorporate the opinions and guidance of a good friend and style guru...Miss Gina Lamorte of
I'm by no means a label whore...I know the good stuff, know what's in fashion..but tend to have a very casual style. I dress up when necessary but on any given day you're likely to see me in jeans and a cute top. I will splurge occasionally on a designer piece...but I definitely do not try emulate the styles I see in magazines. I do however, know what is right and what is wrong. And more specifically, I am a stickler when it comes to wedding fashion. A wedding, no matter what the design, color scheme, season, a sacred and serious affair. That does not mean gowns and tuxes are always required...but it does imply that common sense, decency and plain old fashioned discretion, should be used when choosing attire for a wedding.

I recently worked an event and the ceremony was in a church. One of the readers came dressed in what I considered to be a major fashion "don't." I think you'll agree from the picture (and please finish eating before looking) that this woman was blessed with a voluptuous bosom. More power to you girl! But I'm sure the invitation read "and guest" and not "and guests."

I sent the above pic to my style doctor friend Gina and asked for her style advice. I knew that no matter what she said, my opinion would not change. These bad boys need to be contained!!!! But here is exactly what Gina told me...

"Yikes! To be honest, that much cleavage is never appropriate, in or out of church. Let's just say a wrap would have worked nicely in this situation. Ladies, whomever participates in your wedding, no matter what the capacity, please know it is completely appropriate to suggest attire and that includes what I like to call "styling details", which in this case would go something like this " Be sure that all necklines run no lower than 2 inches below your collarbone.Thank you." Then smile and walk away. - Gina"

Gina...thanks for the advice!!!! And to all the ladies out there contemplating what outfit to don at the next wedding you're attending, PLEASE remember that the day is about the bride...and not about you...OR your cleavage.
Much love,