Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Bride, a Groom and Lots of Cowboy Boots!

We do destination weddings but only on a case by case basis. If we're going to travel thousands of miles, we want to make sure it's for the right couple. And this past weekend, we lucked out!

I recently returned from a trip to Mesquite, TX. The young, engergetic and uber sweet couple Samantha and James, tied the knot on April 12th at the Double D Ranch in Mesquite, TX (about 30 mins outside downtown Dallas). I had a blast! I've never met so many fun and downright courteous people before. Plus they were so appreciative for the work I had done for them. That always puts a smile on a planner's face. Plus, I was totally digging all the chivalry that exudes from real Southern gentleman! I must have been called "Mam" about 100 times...and I have to admit I ate it up!

I've been to TX before, but never as an adult with a rental car, a GPS system and an itinerary 5 pages long. I explored and loved every inch of land and culture I saw. I even ventured into a Super Walmart that's open 24 hours!!!! NJ really needs one of those.... like yesterday! I ate REAL b-b-q, learned proper cowboy hat ettiquete and how to 2-step on the dance floor. And in between all of my touring and cultural devouring, I managed to help a wonderful couple pull of the wedding of their dreams! I highly recommend visiting TX. But be prepared to eat alot, dance alot and be "yes mam'd" to death!

Special thanks to Sadie at Stardust Photography...great pics..we especially like the one above! Yee Haw!

Congrats to Samantha and James! Ya'll are simply fabulous!

Jenny and the PBW Team