Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photobooths - A Fun and Inexpensive Way to Add a "WOW" Factor to Your Event!

So many of our clients look for fun and creative ways to add that "wow" factor to their event. We have found that renting a professional photobooth for your guests to use at the wedding/event is a great way to introduce excitement!!! Contrary to popular belief, rental prices are not astronomical! In a recent article (coming out soon in New Jersey Bride) I was asked to weigh in on the popular photobooth trend. I highly recommend brides check them out! They really do add a level of fun and excitement to any party! Here are a few strips from The first is from Samantha and Jeff's wedding back in December and the other is the PBW gang taking a five minute fun break at a wedding we did at Mallard Island in October. We know how to drop the clipboard and live it up a bit!
(Thanks Josh!)