Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Attention WWIIA Fans...The Wait is OVER!!! Whoohooo!

I'm so excited to announce that I'm currently filming another episode for next season's "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" As many of you know, I took a little hiatus (did the whole become a momma/have a baby thing) but now I'm back! By the way, thanks to everyone for their super sweet emails. I'm a huge fan of the show too and I'm uber thrilled we're filming!!!!
While I'm not allowed to release any juicy details...I will say that I'm working with the fabulous Kevin Covey from Los Angeles and we have an absolutely adorable bride and groom. That's right...WE have ONE couple and we're splitting the job of planning their wedding! It's really a unique format and I couldn't be more excited about filming. We will be in NYC all week shooting, but I'll try to update the blog later in the week with more pics! For now, please enjoy some shots from the last two days.
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