Friday, May 9, 2008

A Groom That REALLY Wants to get Married!!!

Remember our bride and groom Katie and Anthony? Well, I think we may have failed to mention one of the "bumps" we encountered that day...could have been a downer, but all worked out in the end! Turns out that the chapel that was reserved for the wedding was LOCKED and none of us could get in! This is with MINUTES to go before ceremony was supposed to start! There was no one to reach out to to get keys--and we tried a lot of crazy things to get in there.

Then things got interesting...Anthony and his crew of groomsmen went into action and decided...Let's just break in! Here are some (looking back now, quite comical) pics from the scene...Thanks again to CLB Photography for capturing the "secret mission"!
Thankfully, the keys arrived JUST IN TIME! No broken windows or rigged up locks....just happy guests and a ever so calm groom waiting for his bride. We think the anxiousness was all out of him by the time Katie came down the aisle!

Definitely a wedding that won't be forgotten!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Jenny and the Pampered Bride Crew