Friday, May 16, 2008

Thoughts on the Bush Wedding...

As most of the free world knows, Miss Jenna Bush was married last Saturday. I was anxiously awaiting pics…as we planners just NEED to see the details, big and small. Much of what I have seen on TV has lent to the idea that is was a really fun and elegant country event. But then, I saw it… the photo released of the wedding cake. Go ahead and take a peek you notice anything a little "off"?

Was this cake SUPPOSED to resemble a very famous tower in Italy?
Some things came to mind when I saw this. Who was the baker that could possibly let this happen at such a high-profile event? Now, the cake is very pretty and it had to have been done by someone "known" for their cakes. Even so, is that BUTTERCREAM I see?? On a TEXAS??!! could very well be fondant, but the lean is lending me to assume that it was not.

And if there was a wedding planner, which I am CERTAIN there was…he/she may not have been keeping an eye on it to ensure there was no "leanage". Even if the cake was mysteriously bumped, or the flowers weighed it is certainly a wedding coordinator's many duties to keep a watchful eye on these types of details.

Now, this is not to suggest that the White House did not find a wonderful person to plan and execute a wonderfully charming event. I'm just using this small detail in a BIG (highly-publicized) wedding as a fantastic example in our arsenal of reasons why EVERY bride should have a wedding planner.

If nothing else…at least let this be a reminder to all brides out there that things happen at weddings that at times are uncontrollable. No event is ever perfect…but sometimes, these little "blemishes" are usually what make an event unique and they often contribute to some of the more memorable moments for the bride and groom. I mean, really…do the newlyweds even look like they even care about that cake?!
Much love and Happy Planning!