Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol and Wedding Planning Consultations..Yes, there is a connection!

Ok, so, we all know about American Idol. Some of us (not mentioning names..um, cough...Melissa...cough..) watch it religiously. Well I'm not a religious AI fanatic, but I do know who gets the boot every week. I think that's ok, right? I do watch on occasion though. Plus, being a former wedding singer...it is a nice hour to reminisce about the days of singing many of those songs at weddings and various social functions.

So a few weeks ago I had a consultation with a prospective client. The meeting went well! They subsequently hired us and we're excited for the wedding! But I remember it was a Wednesday night...and the meeting was going smoothly, everyone was asking questions, telling jokes and sharing funny stories. It was one of those moments a planner has when they say to themselves "I really like this family...I think the feeling's mutual. Cool beans." So at around 8:50pm...I noticed something very odd started to occur...everyone in the room (except for myself of course) started looking at the clock, their watch, their blackberry, etc. I was thinking to myself..."Oh NO, I'm losing them...they're bored with me...what am I doing wrong? Am I babbling? Am I acting like an idiot?" These are all the things that go through a planner's mind when something that feels so right, suddenly feels so wrong! Then, by a stroke of pure chance ...I mentioned something about a wedding related tv show....and everyone's eyes lit up! I mean it was like the Vegas strip!!! I made a reference to TELEVISION on a Wednesday at 8:55 and I FINALLY got it!!!!! Duh!!!!

It was great. They loved me. But they loved American Idol more!!!!

So, that was my cue...close the meeting, close the sale. Get the hell out of their house..because if these American Idol fanatics had to miss one minute of Ryan Seacrest's opening monologue, I would be dead meat! If a client does not hire me b/c of personality or finances, etc., I understand that. I can live with that. I'm OK with that fact. But if I dont get a job b/c of Ryan Seacrest...I may as well just hang up my clipboard and say adios to the wedding planning world!

So to all my AI fans (both clients, friends, and family)...I totally respect your love of AI. And to all my prospective clients who are AI fans...I vow to NEVER cause you to miss your show. I will never invite you over on a Tues or Wed evening. It is my duty to make the world a happy place...one filled with happy brides and happy American Idol fans.

Jenny :-)

p.s. David Archuleta is my fave!

p.p.s This goes for all you Dancing with the Stars fans too...(cough...Melissa)