Thursday, March 20, 2008

Having your cake.... and eating it too!

This entry is dedicated to what I consider to be a major food group...and that is WEDDING CAKE!

Every week we see more and more over the top and amazingly fabulous wedding cakes. Brides spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on an item that disappears in a few hours! It's quite crazy if you think about it... but I'm not bashing it...I'm LOVING it! Back in the day, brides got a cake for dessert and that was its only purpose. I recommend you look at your parents wedding album and check out their wedding cake. It was special to doubt, but aesthically, it does NOT compare to today's wedding cake designs and standards.

Wedding cake for dessert???? That is SO not the case anymore! Brides are commissioning pastry artists to design a wedding cake that is an extension of their personality and wedding design. Whether you're a buttercream girl, or fondant diva...I say go for it! If the budget is there...then have your dream cake! You deserve it! So I would like to dedicate this entry to the ever popular and always evolving Wedding Cake!

Here are some of the most memorable cakes we've seen over the years at our clients' events! I think you'll agree that cake design is an art and that after you finish reading this will:

1. remember your fabulous wedding cake

2. get inspired to start designing your dream cake

3. have the overwhelming urge to hit your local bakery and buy some yummy cake to devour today!!