Monday, March 31, 2008

Why I Love Wedding Season

Spring has sprung! The temperature is starting to rise, the birds chirp early in the morning, the town teens are hanging out again in my local 7-11 parking lot...and our weekends are no longer our own! These are just a few of my annual signs that wedding season has officially begun. If you asked me two years ago when wedding season started and finished, I would have said June to September. Now, however, my response is drastically different...and I consider wedding season to be March through November. We have weddings every month...but in that particular timeframe we are slammed! I'm not complaining...I actually love it! My husband and dog, however, would probably have a less than jovial reaction when asked what their thoughts on wedding season were :)
But I'm a die hard wedding fanatic. I pretty much adore everything that is wedding related. And while I get to think about weddings all year long, it's not until wedding season officially starts that I get truly inspired and overcome with warm fuzzy feelings. To this end, I thought I'd do a top ten reasons list of why I love wedding season! So here it goes! (and these are in no particular order)
1. Visiting the bride on the morning of her wedding day and having the pleasure of doing a Dunkin Donuts run b/c the maid of honor forgot to get coffee and bagels for everyone! Most people would hate this chore...but I welcome any opportunity to buy myself a giant iced latte with skim milk and Splenda!

2. Being one of the first to see the bride in her wedding dress! LOVE that!

3. Seeing a man/groom nervous and asking me for pepto bismal...I am not happy a man is feeling nautious...I simply adore seeing a man in need and breaking down and asking a woman for help! The vulnerable man is such a sight to see..and it makes my heart melt every time.

4. Knowing that almost every person in that reception room knows I'm there and has a sense of relief because in the event they need a band aid, blow drier, tylenol, allergy medicine or feminine products...I will come to the rescue. It gives us a slight sense of power and importance...and who doesn't like that?

5. Getting the opportunity to join the party on the dance floor at 10 pm when our work is pretty much over. It reminds me of when I was a young party girl and heard my favorite George Lamond or Judy Torres song come on in the club! Yes, I was a clubbing girl back in the early 90's. Now however, me and the girls cant help but get our groove on when anything by Timbaland comes on! (p.s. this is one of the ways in which I stay youthful)

6. Watching extremely drunk wedding guests TRY to dance and look sexy. This never gets old!

7. Taking pictures of innapropriately dressed wedding guests. I do this...I admit it. I have an arsenal of photos taken over the years...and I will publish them one day in my tell all book. But dont worry, faces will be blurred out to protect the innocent :)

8. Starting to cry EVERY time a bride dances with her father. I'm such a mush, I know it. But that is my very favorite part of a wedding. I think the day I don't cry is the day I will quit the business.

9. Driving home (very late) on a Saturday night reflecting on the day's event and listening to 95.5 on the radio as they play "Saturday Night 80's." I open my windows, I blast the radio and I totally jam out to my faves...Toni Basil, Bon Jovi, Heart, Duran Duran, Culture name it! It's not only fun, but I think there's a therapeutic value to it as well.

10. Pulling into my driveway at midnight, walking into my house with tons of bags, and being greeted by my dog and my husband. I love weddings...but I love my family more!

Here's to a fabulous wedding season!