Monday, March 10, 2008

A farm, a wedding and "Holy F-balls!" Kathy Griffin!

Saturday, March 8th was a very INTERESTING day for Jenny and the crew of PBW. Elka and Brian were the couple...a couple with lots of personality, a flair for the non-traditional, and they are die hard Kathy Griffin fans! They made a simple request for her to marry them...and it came true! Kathy went and got ordained online with the Universal Life church and flew in from Los Angeles to make it official for the couple.

At the Queens Farm Museum, Kathy performed a 10-minute service that ranged from telling raunchy jokes to having the bride recite the reception menu! Yes, a little out of the norm...but there were tons of laughs all around! Our good friend and collegue, Samantha Goldberg, was the lead on this project and asked Jenny to join her for all the planning and logistics. Jenny was more than happy to join in...not just because she loves weddings, but because Jenny is a HUGE Kathy Griffin fan! A crew was most certainly needed and we want to thank our girls Melissa,Adhari, Marissa, Erika and Ashley for being on hand for all the moving, arranging..and comic relief!

Kathy was really happy to be there and was happy to take pics with guests. In true PBW fashion...we had to have a few! Umm...did we mention that Jenny was a fan? Here are some pics! It was really cool for all of us to meet Kathy--very down to earth and really fun!

It was certainly a crazy day full of press agencies, film crews (from Kathy's show "My Life on the D-List" on Bravo) and general pre-wedding chaos...but through it all everyone really went above and beyond!

The episode featuring Elka and Brian's wedding will probably air in June on Bravo...more pics to come!

And a reminder for you all to watch Jenny (and Sam too!) TOMORROW night on Whose Wedding is it Anyway? at 10PM on Style!