Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Meet Adhari!

Adhari Fullman
" Ten Things You Didn't Know About Me"
1. I am a co-founder of my sorority's National Step Team.
2. As much as I have an obsession with buying shoes, I hate to wear shoes and I'd rather be barefoot. But if I see a red sole I go nuts!
3. My all time favorite cocktail hour food is colossal shrimp scampi.
4. I had an accident in Jamaica on a jet ski and am now horrified of them.
5. Anything peacock rocks my socks.
6. I love watching Indie films.
7. I used to be a really great gymnast until I failed math and my mom removed me from gymnastics.
8. I want to buy a house and have it built from the ground up (just not in NJ).
9. My aspiration in college was to have my own talk show and to live in NYC.
10. I'm getting married in 11 months.