Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time to Meet Jen!

Jennifer Gonzales
"Ten things you didn't know about me"
1. I could live off of diet coke from a fountain and candy, preferably M&M peanuts or sourpatch watermelons.
2. I believe that I was an elephant in my past life.
3. N'Sync is and will always be my favorite band. At any concert I went to of theirs, I cried because I was breathing the same air as them. I planned my wedding to JC when I was 12.
4. I have two places that make me the happiest: Belmar and Giants Stadium.
5. I drive a Jeep Sahara that I named Stella and I'm obsessed with her.
6. Pink is my favorite color. Pink things make me happy but you will never catch me wearing anything pink.
7. I'm afraid of escalators.
8. I HATE wearing pants. I would wear a dress over pants anyday, even if it was below zero and I was freezing.
9. I can't sleep without a stuffed animal.
10. I was a cheerleader for almost my whole life and I miss it more and more everyday.